Our Aim

Network Solutions. is determined to prevail ultimately as a parent company responsible for Bringing together a highly equipped & market-oriented work-force commissioned to deliver Increasingly smart solutions to your enterprise… exactly the way you want!

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The Works

The company’s comprehensive & elite set of solutions stay dedicated to emphasize the Customer’s most demanding requirements:

Network Solutions Est services: Building IT infrastructure by integrating different products and technologies.

Microsoft practice: Specialize in providing services around Microsoft technologies

Red Hat Linux: For those who looks for open source systems.

Professional services: Custom development, Implementation and integration of packaged software applications.

Managed services: Infrastructure support and maintenance services including managing clients IT Infrastructure

Internet Integration services: Specialize in Web development activities using Internet technologies


We are agents for several major companies and factories in the field of security systems We offer you the service of installing surveillance cameras and security systems, and we have many certificates in this field

Have Any Questions?

You can contact us and ask any question you want, we will be happy to answer you

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